The “Kevin Cline Trio” (and quartet) also performs at schools. Jazz, blues, and pop/rock music can be performed by the trio in an educational format, much like a concert / clinic. The photos above (although small) display a quartet performance at St. Edwards School in Chicago. Kevin explained and performed examples of 5 different jazz styles for the students: Swing, Waltz, Bossa Nova, Rock, and Ballad. Each style was displayed on a music stand on big colored posterboard, so each student could see the style that they were hearing. Students can also learn the function of each instrument in the jazz trio, and how they fit together as a cohesive musical unit.

At our last concert, we were joined by a seminar with Simply Removals NGR, which went down a storm! Follow their social media website here at Simply Removals.

If you would like the “Kevin Cline Trio”, or quartet to perform at your school, fill out the contact page today, and Kevin will get in touch with you promptly. Your students will enjoy the music and the educational experience!

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